Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More saving in the cooking department...

Ok, last week I mentioned my grocery store had split fryer breasts on sale for 69 cents a pack, (I bought 6 packages) So in each package there are 6 breasts (costing about 3.50-3.70 on the sale) So I have four in my family, so I put 4 in bbq sauce (homemade, which means I control and KNOW what is in it) and then since the oven is going to bake those I go ahead and bake the other two (saves gas for the oven)Which I later debone for a casserole (tonight will be chicken and noodles)NOW this actually accomplishes more than just saving money, it also helps control portions, because I cook one peice of chicken for us each (and that is all we need ROFL) Then I make homemade rice a roni (again controlling what is going into it) I take a microwave safe dish and put in a couple of tablespoons of margarine and then I add in a cup and half of rice (long grain or brown is my preference) and then I take about a fourth of a pack of spaghetti and I break it into little tiny peices and add it to the dish and I microwave all this together browning it in the microwave. I then added about 4 cups of hot water and my own seasonings, including powdered bullion and microwaved for 25-30 minutes, stirring occasionally...it was delish, and I knew what was in it. And it was super inexpensive. I do buy Riceland or Ricearoni mixes sometimes but generally only when I can get them nearly FREE with coupons. I am am of a firm belief that the best way to save money in the grocery dept is to learn how to cook from scratch or near scratch, pre-cooked or prepared items cost so much more to buy, when often there is nothing to making the same item from scratch. So happy cooking and saving!!