Saturday, January 26, 2008

Today we went to big town...

and got out of the house for some me and hunny time, we hit Savalot and got some canned goods, but that was all, it is funny Anna commented about wishing she had better prices in her small town, well my small town has better prices than big town, cheapest milk we could find there was 4.44 a gallon for 2% at Wally, I get it for 3.89 a gallon here for every day price. Eggs are cheaper here too, so was sugar. I think you have to know your prices in order to know whether prices are good. Today I also got a free one touch blood glucose monitor it was on sale for 14.99 and I had a 20.00 off coupon, I did have to pay sales tax though which was 1.20 not bad though. Neither of us are diabetic but both of us have really bad family history of diabetes, and should keep a eye and free helps that to happen.
Sooo I also got two blouses for clearance for 3.00 (cant even get them that cheap at most thrift stores these days) and a pair of blue slacks for 5.00 I am rough on shirts so those were needed, and I didnt have any navy slacks but now I do. Ohh I also found 2 Terri Blackstock novels for 25 cents each at Salvation Army thriftstore. Now I am going to take a nap cause I am tired.

OKies I came back to add something about why I think the prices in my town are good, we have 2 dollar stores that also sell a variety of groceries and 5 convience stores too, and they all carry milk too, so I think that helps keep the prices lower too..