Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Okies why are we doing this??

okies, I have been reading about all the wonderful CVs deals and Walgreens deals, and something that really struck me about all of it, is I have read several posts where it talks of people buying things as "fillers" in order to use a certain amount off a certain total, well this isnt frugal. If your filling up your dollar amount on your transaction with things you really dont need, then your not really saving money. No matter how great your coupons are, when you buy things you dont need it isnt saving. It may look like it on paper, but lets look at it like this, you add candy to fill, well then you eat candy you dont need, it isnt good for your health, or for your teeth and worse yet you usually share with your kids and then they bounce off the wall and your frustrated with them. I am sorry I know I may be the odd one out here but where is the "smarts" in that. In my opinion you have just created more issues for yourself, especially if you make it a everytime habit. So climbing off my soapbox and moving on.
Product satisfaction, if you buy something that your not satisfied with contact the company, if for no other reason than to tell them "hey you need better quality control" I bought some new underwear last week, (much needed I might add) and lo and behold the first pair I wore split down the side, and the next day I started to put on another pair of them and split they went. NOW normally I would return them to the place I bought them, but this was undies and I wore a pair, so I re-inforced the stitching and contacted the company, I am waiting to see how they will handle this issue, I will keep you updated on that.
I was reading on a post on a board I visited about buying coupons on ebay, I think I will check it out, however I am so careful about coupon usage, because I often can get store brands or generics much cheaper than name brands with the coupons.
I am admittedly not a Coupon Queen, I am however frugal, I make those pennies squeal...ROFL speaking of squealing pennies, today I was at my local grocery picking up some milk and a few things and I checked the mark down meat bin, and there was 4 packs of ground beef for ****drumroll**** 69 cents a pound, ummmm YEAH I bought all four packs I foresee some inexpensive dinners in my future..ROFL..
Okies off to bed it is morning time now..ROFL