Sunday, February 17, 2008

soooooooooo most of my posting is about

saving on the grocery bill...but I have been thinking about other ways to save..sooo here we go..ROFL. These will be major rambly...because that is how I think..ROFL
*Saving by staying home is my number one idea. If I dont go anywhere I dont spend money...and that means ONLINE too..ROFL. The internet has changed shopping.
* Buying only things we use is another way to save, even if something costs me 10 cents if it is something I dont use OR something no one I know uses then I wasted 10 cents.
* Check your insurance papers, make sure you are not paying double for coverage, you may be paying for things on one policy that you are also carrying on another policy. Also make sure that your not paying for more insurance than you need, you wont recoup that money, even if you have to use the policy.
* This one is kinda creepy I know, but seriously look into pre-arranging your funeral, I know from dealing with burying my fil that the costs are out the wazoo, and pre-paying leaves less stress on your surviving family, plus you get to set your arrangements to your own preferences.
* Grow as much of your food as possible, this way you KNOW what and how it is raised (ie fertilizers, hormones, etc) We garden a bit in our small yard, we dont have very much room, and this spring most of the area I have is going to be dedicated to growing potatoes and beans, I have a herb bed where I will grow herbs, onions and garlic.
* Check your windows and doors for air leaks, trying to heat or cool the neighborhood is not a good idea..nor is it frugal.
*Put your computers, tvs, vcrs and stereos on power strips to prevent phantom usage from running up your electric bill.
* If you use snail mail alot, buy forever stamps, postage prices are increasing in May.
* Buying good things, good quality items, whether it is clothing, appliances, or furniture is a way to save money. If I buy good brand clothes that are timeless (not the going fad) and take care of them, I will save money in the long run, by not having to replace them over and over.
* A way to save that most of us forget (myself included) is to take care of our bodies, healthwise, eating healthy, taking care of our skin (using sun block, and good moisturizers)
* The same thing works for your pets, taking care of their nutritional needs and keeping them vaccinated and free of fleas, saves money in the long run.

* Knowing what your needs are for different areas of your life can save you money. Example, if you have cell phones, then why carry extra long distance on your land line, or perhaps eliminate your land line totally. Or if you work long long hours and are home very little why do you need the most expensive cable package or satellite package, downgrade to the minimum you need perhaps to just watch local stations or news tv. If your gone all day, dont leave your heat running on high, only heat enough to prevent freezing pipes. Know your needs.

Okies..that is all my brain is tired..there is tons more in there, I just need to sort my thoughts..Watch tomorrow for more.