Friday, February 08, 2008

Today was a big shop for me...

Now I say that and some may laugh, but for me a big shop is spending more than 50.00 at one time, in the nearly 23 years of marriage and home keeping I have rarely spent more than 100.00 at one time. I can only remember 2 times that has happened. Today wasnt one of those times, it was meat stock up time, and just time for a shop, I had only "out of shopped" the past few weeks, just picking up things I needed to complete meals or just was completely out of. So today I did my shop, and spent 70.00 at the grocery store,and 17.00 at the dollar store. I am going to keep a running tab of what I have saved with coupons. I will do that over in the tabs..I got alot of groceries for my 70.00 plus at the dollar store I got two boxes of cards that were 90% off, so they were 20 cents a box. Our Dollar store is where I pick up alot of my snacks for my husband's lunch and my teenage boys..
Soooo we have alot meat now, should be set for several weeks.
Our small town grocery has great bargains, it is always alot of fun trying to find the best bargains possible.