Monday, February 11, 2008

Planning, helps to save money...

Our CPA called (and yes we pay someone to do our taxes, with my husband being a pastor it is worth what we pay, for peace of mind)and we are getting a refund, a nice one. So we have sat down and planned what we would like to do with this, INCLUDING what we would like to save. We have some things that we need to replace, and some things that we have wanted and needed (and yes frugal people can spend on frivolous items) My point about this post is the planning, if we dont do this stage that money just trickles away and we are left with nothing to show. Plan your spending even on a weekly level is a smart and frugal thing to do. Sooo are you wondering what we are doing with our money..ROFL..we are so exciting, a new dryer, a new freezer, a tool box for my hubbys truck, charitable giving, paying a truck payment ahead and also some other bills ahead and then savings...I am sure there will be some "frivolous spending" too. But with a plan in place, it will reign that in. We also are planning how to use the tax rebate supposedly coming in the spring/summer, most of it being going into the savings account also.
Speaking of savings, I have (and I should have done this at the beginning of the year) decided to transfer any savings from coupons to a savings account to use for Christmas shopping. So I will transfer 7.09 to my savings this week.

Frugal can get tedious, and make us tired, but if we allow ourselves small pleasures with our planning we will be able to stay the course..