Tuesday, April 08, 2008

ACKKKKKK been a while since I posted

it seems I have been busy lately..imagine that, a homeschooling, stay at home mom to two teenage boys, pastor's wife, chief cook and bottle washer, busy...LOL
I have been doing some stocking up, our local grocery had their big anniversary sale, and they had a 52 cent sale, my pantry and freezer is overflowing!! I got lots of things, ON top of the fact I had ordered some cases of food items from amazon.com There are some great savings to be had, by combining free shipping and the special codes on certain items. I ended up getting some things super cheap, things we use alot and brand name things, (not that I am a brand name snob) just some things we like brand names in.
Tonights dinner is a super saver meal. WOOHOOO pinto beans (left overs) turned into refried beans with a bit of taco seasoning, and then some tenderized chuck steak (manager's special markdown) cooked with rotel, (rotel was on sale for 52 cents) and served over rice. And some flour tortillas made into cinnamon crisp (the tortillas were on sale for 52 cents also) Definitely coming in at under 1.00 per serving for this meal..With left overs for a lunch or two.

It is raining again, we have 46 counties that are already declared disaster areas, my town got 6.44 inches in a 24 hour period, last week. I am ready for a few dry days...like a week at least..LOL I know I will probably be wanting rain come late summer time...but we have had ALOT this spring already...ohh and tornadoes..of course there was the big one that killed 13 people about a month or month and half ago (stayed on the ground for 123 miles) then last week there was 10 in our state on Thursday night..Spring is never boring in tornado states..FER sure!!!