Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thoughts and ideas..

about the holidays..
How do you feel about the holidays?? are you like me, always excited about them and looking forward to them? or do you dread or even hate the holiday season?? Some of my happiest childhood memories are connected with Christmas Eve and Christmas a child and even now we dont do alot on birthdays, but our big bang was always Christmas.
We dont do birthday parties (we stopped, when the boys were around 9/10) and we keep birthdays super low key, but on the holidays I do like to make sure the boys get gifts they want and love. I was talking with a friend and we were talking about how much they spent on each child, and I felt guilty, because we do spend a bit too much (but thank the Lord it is just once a year) but was thinking if she adds up for her 5 children, she spends the same amount as I do for my two.
So have you been shopping yet?? I avoid avoid avoid, malls, the W store and most stores like the plaque, but I do love online shopping, all of my boys gifts were bought online. There are some good deals out there to be had.
so some ideas for boys gifts do some girl gift ideas.. we go..
some girl gift ideas...
lotions and potions, ROFL..that is what I call them for my neices. art projects, crafting projects, scarves, makeup (of course) scrunchies and hair accesories, favorite cds or books....(you tell me some now)
some boy gift ideas....
cologne, favorite cds or books, dinosaurs, trucks and cars (toys) music accessories such as guitar straps, or strings etc, subscription to a sports magazine...(your turn to share now)

I have 5 nephews and 4 nieces so ideas are always appreciated.]