Monday, January 12, 2009

menu for the week of January 12th

ok here is our menu plan for dinner...breakfasts will be eggs and toast or cereal bars, lunches will be left overs, or peanut butter or cheese sandwiches
Tonight crockpot spinach lasagna
Tuesday Pinto beans and cornbread
Wednesday Bean enchiladas and spanish rice
Thursday Biscuits and gravy with eggs
Friday baked ravoli and french bread
Saturday Vegetable taco soup
Sunday Potato soup...

I have everything on hand for this weeks menu with the exception of the frozen ravoli, I can pick them up at Kroger for about 3.00 for a large pack for us 4 and I need another block of mozerella cheese I also need some fruit we are down to just 2 grapefruits and a orange. We eat fruit for snacks and I also eat some with breakfast sometimes. So a fairly frugal week of cooking.