Friday, January 16, 2009

Organizing your closet

So lets move to the closet...OHHHHHH we all know that our closets can be a mess, we might have clothes in there from high school and we graduated 25 years first things first, lets get rid of things we havent worn in a year. Dont cry, it will be ok, your world will not stop because those hip hugging bell bottoms are gone, and if you cannot part with it, pack it away and store it in the bottom of your closet off the racks. So now all that is left is clothes you can wear, next thing you should do is seperate them into summer and winter clothes, and whatever season it is in your area, hang the other season to the back of your closet. Before you do, match up any matching outfits and hang them on the same hanger or next to each other. (It will save room) Now put those to the back of the closet and focus on the clothes of the season, check all your buttons and hems, make sure everything is in good repair, then start matching outfits and hanging them together, it will save you time when getting dressed in the morning. HOWEVER if your a rebel and had rather stand in front of your closet for a extra 15 minutes everymorning, matching up a outfit, then do this and hang all your slacks together, put all the same colors together, do the same for your jackets, and blouses, keeping like colors together. Hang any dresses you may have together, hang any belts or accessories you may wear with them, with the dress. On to the shoes, again sort them out, if your not wearing them, then get rid of them. Group summer and winter shoes together, group types of shoes together. So when you get finished with all this, your dressing time should speed up, allowing you to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or hot tea in the mornings. Be blessed my friends. I hope this is helpful to you