Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some getting organized tips.

so how do you get organized...well lots of people have different ways of organizing things. One thing is planning and thinking about what you are trying to accomplish. What is it that you want to get done?? Are you trying to make sure your bills are paid on time, then keep them all together, write in red on a calendar when each bill is due. Check your calendar daily so you know what is going on.. So you want to organize your cooking habits perhaps you could save some money by knowing what you have, so take stock and write down all you have in your freezer, fridge and pantry and then look up some recipes and make a menu plan. That is just a few hints I will post some more tomorrow. One important thing about organization, is you knowing what is going on, is half the battle to being the above tips, knowing when your bills are due, and knowing what is in the pantry are the keys to being organized in these areas.