Thursday, April 16, 2009

Memorial savings..

Memorial Day will be here soon, and many of us will be decorating our loved ones graves, this can add up into lots of money, but most memorial peices are simple to make, so go to the Dollar Tree and buy a few bundles of 1.00 flowers, they will have foam there also, and give it a shot, we use wire hangers to make huge "U" pins to hold these arrangements on the grave. A simple idea is to take your styrofoam, and the flowers that are the longest and the ones you are using as the main flowers and make a cross or a plus sign, and then fill in, make sure you have wire cutters or needle nose pliers to snip those flowers shorter and to snip off the bundle...for around 5.00 you can make a arrangement that looks like it cost much much more...dont forget to use hotglue to help hold your flowers in place..