Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saving on groceries...

I just wanted to come and visit this topic as it is a easy place to save...Our local news channel did a special on a the grocery game and showed how a local lady had saved 1500.00 in three months, which was 50% savings because she spent 1500 in the three months. Some things I wanted to share, is the grocery game is a great money saver, and it usually offers a free trial, so by all means check it out. There are sites out there that offer basically the exact same service for free too..One that comes to mind is
Also I am not a avid couponer, but I have noticed a trend in how coupons have changed in the last year or two, they are offering more coupons for better foods...used to be all the coupons were for junk food, but now it is easy to find coupons for frozen veggies, for rice, oil, even flour (sometimes) so if you havent tried couponing in a while, give it a try..
Who knows maybe you will save some money..