Monday, April 20, 2009

Where do you shop??

Do you live in a small town with only one store?? (I do, but my husband works in a bigger town over and passes three different grocery stores on his way to and from work) Anyhow do you feel like you live in a area where your shopping choices are "locked" in to one choice only?? How do you save with those type of situations, one way is watching the sales ad, and combining coupons with those sales, another way is to think outside the box, do not forget that most dollar stores (Dollar General and Family Dollar) have grocery aisles now and there are savings to be had there over most grocery store prices. Knowing your regular prices helps you to recognize when your getting a bargain too, and I know it is hard to keep a price book these days as fast as things are changing, but having a general idea of the cost of things will help you save money. Another thing, is your spouse works in a larger city and passes by grocery stores, then it is not a extra trip for you to send a list (SEND THE LIST) with him/her to stop on the way home. You can check out most stores ads online, I get the closest Kroger store ad sent to my email each week, so I can scan it for bargains and then send a list with my darling...I have saved lots of money on citrus fruits this winter doing that.
So know that you can save money even in a one grocery store town