Friday, April 24, 2009

So how I did..???? we after seeing Erin of $5 Dinnerson Rachel Ray show I was inspired to try my coupons and combining with sales so I went to (a site similar to the grocery game, that tells you what sales to combine with what coupons) and I made a list, printed off my coupons, pulled coupons from my files..and off to Kroger I went..
so here is the deal...
my total bill was 52.29,
MFG cpn savings was 8.00
bonus cpn savings was 1.75
Kroger plus card savings was 32.23
total savings was 41.98 which was 46% savings....I am pleased with that, however I think I really need my hubby to start stopping and bringing me a sales paper, because not all the specials was listed at instance, Ronco pasta was 10 for 10 and it wasnt listed, and I had a 55 cent coupon for it (off two) I believe I have trouble remembering..ROFL..
so I was pleased, to save 46% and to add to it..I ended up having enough built up on my card to get 10 cents off per gallon of I saved there too...
I did stop at Harvest Foods and pick up meat, (5 for $19.95) and milk (was on sale for 2.49 per gallon)
I think next time I can do better, I am only shopping in town every other week or every third week and just picking up stuff here at my little store to tide over, or if there are great bargains, stockpiles..