Friday, April 24, 2009

some more on the savings...

these are the major bargains I snagged...Kelloggs Raisin Bran regularly 4.79 a box 1.43 after sale and coupons, I bought 4 boxes.
Pillsbury Brownies regularly 2.15 box, for .30 box
Ronco spaghetti regularly 1.49 a package I got it for .63 I bought 2 packs
Rice a Roni regularly 1.34 a box and I got them for .67 I bought 3 boxes
Bertoli 4 Cheese Ravoli regularly 7.69 a bag, on sale for 4.98 and after my coupon it was 3.73

SteamFresh, Broccoli regularly 1.99 and after the sale and the coupon I got it for .30 bought one bag
Green Giant boxed veggies, 1.85 regularly .67 after sale and coupon, I bought 3 boxes..

some really good sales