Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Keeping down utility costs

soooo the HOT of summer has arrived, is your a/c humming 24/7?? Well ours isn't humming 24/7 we have window units and turn them off and on at different times. We have 3 units, two 110 units in our bedrooms and a 220 unit in the living room. We run the 110's at night, and keep our doors closed, then in the morning we turn them off and hang out in our rooms while it is still cool there..leaving the 220 off until about 1- 2 pm when it starts heating up, and then we turn it on low and mid setting for the thermostat and it keeps it cool, we have fans that circulate the air, we keep our blinds closed, to keep out the hot sun light, because most of our windows are on the east and west sides of our house. So far in the three years of living here our electric bill hasnt gone over 200.00 like it did at the place we lived before this..hopefully it wont this summer either...We also leave the air off, when we are gone all day. Our dogs go outside, our back yard is very shaded and they go out there, and we make sure they have plenty of water..and the air inside stays off, just saving some more money...
Another thing, is not heating up your house with the oven and stove, for cooking, try using your crockpots and microwave, it will keep your costs down there also.

Check out your local energy company's website, for tips to save and conserve electricity.