Wednesday, June 03, 2009

the More to Come post...

I mentioned last week that we were in for some big changes in our family and that there would be more to come on here it is today..the more to come..

This week is my husband's last week of work, he will start Barber College next Tuesday June 9th. This means no income, except what he is paid for pastoring the church (200.00 a week) He does qualify for financial aid and student loans but they wont start until he has been in school for about 10 weeks, sooooooo I have to be super creative in June, July and August, with the moolah..
Please post any tips or ideas you have about working from home, about how to stretch a dollar (or penny) till it squeals. OHHH and please keep our family in your prayers, this will be hard..on all of us..
But HEY we will have pretty hair, he can practice on us..ROFL