Tuesday, September 08, 2009

today..I made..

salsa. 10 jars of salsa..YUMMY..we love salsa at our house..my mom and dad gave me the tomatoes, and peppers from their garden, all I had to buy was an onion (less than 69 cents) a bunch of cilantro (79 cents) and a lemon (33 cents) Everything else I had on hand, including the jars, the canning lids,and rings. This is the second time I have made salsa and I really didnt follow a recipe per se I just put what I had in it, added salt, vinegar, etc..and tasted it and it was good, then I cooked it a bit, not long and ladled it into my jars and then hot water bathed them. We eat it super duper fast LOL so maybe this will last us a while...(lol maybe)

I love making things like this, where I can see the fruits of my labor..wish I had some apples for apple butter..