Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday

For what are you thankful today?

Today I am thankful I woke up. That I have a nice bed to sleep in and that I have food and clothing. That I serve a God who cares about my needs and wants. That I have the abilities to write about things I care about. That it is Thursday!

This week has been a week of healing for me. I wrote an article about my son's passing that was very healing for me to do. You may view the article at (I have a button on the left to her site) it is in the Misc. articles. I am reading an awesome book, sent to me by the author, about grieving and loss called Kiss Goodbye by Deb Watson

As I allow God to pour healing into my life, I remember more and more of the happy moments with John. Memories are something that you treasure, and I am thankful for the happy memories.

Please share what you are thankful for today....