Saturday, October 24, 2009

The things you just never think about...

I was thinking today about how wonderful ACH is (Arkansas Children's Hospital) Truly when our son died, they showed us the utmost kindness and respect. But you know once your child is gone, and the funeral is over, you really dont expect (or I didn't) continued support.

Over the past 9 months since John's death we have received occasional letters from social workers and the pastoral staff at the hospital, this coming Tuesday is John's 15th birthday and we got a letter from them today, telling us they prayed for us, and that we are in their thoughts. That is above and beyond what I expected from a hospital.

God Bless the staff and the chaplains at Arkansas Children's Hospital.


Happy 15th Birthday John, I wish you were spending it with us, but Heaven is a wonderful place too, and I am glad for the assurance that you are there!! Hope the angels bring you a awesome birthday cake!! We love and miss you son!!