Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crockpot cooking

If you have never seen the blog about a year of cooking in a crockpot,  A Year of Slow Cooking you need to see it.   She cooked all sorts of things in her crockpot, it even got her on the Rachel Ray Show. 

I have 3 crockpots, one HUGE one, and two small one quart or one and half quart ones.  I use them all the time.  In my house, we dont care for a green bean that isnt cooked DEAD!!  I mean it needs to be nearly mush..and no liquid UNLESS it has been cooked for a long time, it can have liquid, at holiday time, I load up my little crockpots with canned green beans and cook over night, and all day on low...PERFECTION!! Now I know some of you just gagged...but it is how we eat them...your green beans can crunch all you want, ours are dead and slide down easily. 

My crockpots are used to meeting cold things, I am the queen of putting meat straight out of the freezer into the crockpot.  Turn on high and cook all day and presto it is done.  I rarely remember to thaw things, since I am not the best menu planner, actually I can plan menus great, I just dont stick to them...ROFL
Like I said yesterday Minute steak with a jar of salsa is great in the crockpot.  I cook hamburger in my crockpot for tacos, it is easy and you dont have to stand over a pan stirring.  I just toss in the ground beef frozen and season it and leave it, at the end of the day I drain the grease off and crumble it up, super easy and dinner is ready. 
Beans, and soups also are something I cook alot in my crockpot...
Share some of your favorite crockpot meals..