Friday, November 20, 2009

So I have been talking food lately...ROFL

I must be hungry....Last night for dinner we had a "easy" supper, not healthy but easy.  We had chili dogs with  fritos, it was super quick and it was what I wanted, it sounded good to me, and it was good.  The chili had been on sale for 88 cents a can and it only took a can for us 3, and hot dogs were on for 1.00 a package, all in all it was a fairly inexpensive meal and what is something you make when you want a quick dinner??

Another thing I make for quick dinners is chicken fried steak sandwiches, I roll minute steaks in flour and fry them up, they fry up super quick then we eat them on bread as a sandwich.  Super fast. 
Something else I do with minute steaks is dump them in the crock pot with a jar of salsa, and cook on low all day, then serve over rice topped with cheese.  A favorite at our case you have not figured it out, we are a salsa eating family.  I only made 10 jars of salsa this year and it is nearly gone...bummer.  Last year I made 24 jars I think, I did give my family some for Christmas but we ate every drop of it..My son John loved salsa and he also loved flour tortillas he would roll up anything he ate in a tortilla or in a peice of light bread...every once in a while one of us will roll something up and laugh and say John would have loved this.  Miss that boy...

Please share your quick super fast meals and your easy meals...tomorrow we will be talking crock pots..