Friday, November 13, 2009

Homeopathic Remedies

so are you a "yarb" granny??

I admit it, I will always try herbs first, and my last doctor (I miss him so bad, too bad he didnt move with us ROFL) would often suggest things to try first when he thought something could be treated that way.

I have had trouble for the past 10 years with infections and sinus drainage trying to settle into my chest. I nearly get pneumonia it seems nearly every year (have thought about the pneumonia vaccine, not convinced yet though) Anyways years ago, the first year I was back in AR from having lived in MS I was sick from Christmas until the middle of March, I had the flu, then it all settled in my chest and was probably pneumonia. Finally I stopped in this little health food store and lo and behold there was my answer. A product called LNG, it is a combination of Fenugreek and Slippery Elm Bark and it is for your lungs, that stuff is wonderful, however I havent seen any in a long time. So this week I am battling sinus drainage into my chest and finally thought to look online for LNG...*ding ding ding* we have a winner I found it online at And a bottle is on its way to me...YES now here is hoping it works as well for me as it used to.

So what are some herbal/natural things you do when you start feeling sick?? Here the first thing is we start on extra vitamin C tabs, and drinking OJ, then we also start on Echanacia, and also on garlic tablets. I often throw in Vitamin E too..
Please share.......OHH for what it is worth I do go to doctors and am currently under the care of a dr for blood pressure issues. But I know that sometimes you have to do that, I just prefer more natural treatment