Monday, January 04, 2010

Monday Monday...

Are you humming that song now?? LOL well this morning we awoke to snow...yes snow.  It wasnt much, but we had to go to town and the roads were slick in places, we saw 8 vehicles off the road, including one truck that had flipped and still had the person and doggie inside it, the ambulance was there, but not the police yet.  In Arkansas we just dont get enough snow to really know how to drive on the stuff. THUS the 8 cars in the ditch.  I hope and pray that man wasnt hurt, the doggie didnt look hurt, it was sitting there watching the ambulance guy and the cars go by.  There didnt seem to be any broken glass, so maybe all was well. 

Todays tip, if you have to be outside in the cold, the best way to keep warm is to layer.  Start with thin layers before adding heavier layers, cotton layers are especially good, close to the skin.  Layering will keep you warmer than wearing one huge thick item.  And remember wool socks for your toesies.  I noticed several of the folks who went to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis mentioned that their feet got cold.