Thursday, January 28, 2010

ohhh what a night...and yes now I am hearing a song with those words...

but OYYYY what a night and a day yesterday...If you live in Arkansas, MO, or Oklahoma, you know we have a weather front coming. And the weather pressure changes bring migraines for me. My head hurt so bad all day yesterday, I was nauseated most of the day. Add to that the burning from the sinuses which I have had all week, UGH. Chocolate, caffeine, and excedrin migraine did not help. By 8 pm I was just nearly in tears, in bed and asked Dave to bring me the medicine basket, and to pray for me. He did both. NOW I know your wondering why wait so long for the medicine basket, well the things that normally work for my migraines weren't helping so I was thinking if I treat the sinus pressure too, maybe it will all work together and I will feel better. BUT I waited so long, because those little sinus pills make me feel weird. And believe me it was a long long night. I woke up multiple times, once when Dave yelled at me because I was flailing around in the bed, hollering and I scratched him. I hate how they make me feel but when it wears off (or I sleep it off) I feel better. OHHH and as if the headache were not enough, someone in my neighborhood was burning limbs or something and all the smoke made it hard to breathe. YEAH a fun day yesterday has to be better EVEN if it brings ice and snow.

OK enough of my whining...I do feel better this morning, I still have some sinus pressure, but the weather is changing so that weather pressure headache isnt there today.

Tonight for dinner we are having beef ravoli and french bread. YUMMY!!!
Last night we had homemade burgers and home fries.

I have been crocheting this week, I have one bootie/slipper sock made, need to finish the other one. I am not following a pattern I just kinda making it up as I go...YOU guys should know by now, I dont like patterns when I sew, and I dont understand crochet patterns. So I just fiddle around with it, till I like how it turns out. WORKS for me..LOL Of course no one would probably ever want to buy anything I made..LOL too funny. HMMMM maybe I have problems working within the confines of instruction...ROFL...ok I am being goofy now...time to go....have a great DAY!!