Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time Out Tuesday...

Today is Tuesday, I have no kitchen tip, but I do have Time Out Tuesday, today take some time out for YOU. Do something just for you..here are some ideas...
*Go to the library and look at the new books that are in..pick up one and sit and read for an hour or so....
*Look through the magazines and perhaps check out a magazine you have always wanted to buy and read it
*buy a candy bar (chocolate or your fav) and eat it slowly enjoying every morsel
*soak in a hot bath with yummy smelling bath salts or bubble bath for an hour or so
*take the remote away from your kids or hubby and watch your favorite show OR a favorite video
*put on your jammies crawl up in your bed and listen to your favorite cd and relax.

those are just a few...please post how you would spend an hour for your "Time Out Tuesday"

*Image is from Victorian Vignettes