Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wednesday...Wild or mild?

so it is the middle of the week, is it a wild week or a mild week?  Are you ready to pull your hair out in despair, or are you laying on the couch eating bon bons and drinking hot chocolate.  Or maybe your somewhere in the middle of these extremes. 

So if your week has been wild, here is a tip for you

Life only goes around once, what is done today, cannot be undone and redone tomorrow.  Live life to the fullest, but slow down and eat a chocolate, or take a hot bath and soak with a good book.  Or take a nap.  I promise you, that the world will not explode, nor will it stop spinning on it axis. 

If your having a mild is a tip for you.

Be thankful that you have it under control for the week and know that around any corner can be a surprise, take it all in stride, and know that life is good!