Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WOW Wednesday....

WOW!! Today I thrifted...and got awesome bargains...I found my darling 6 golf clubs for 2.00 each..I got two dining room chairs for 10.00 each...very proud of those...and I got a great bargain on some personal items that I have to buy, and normally pay 8.75 per item for and that is a great bargain via amazon...the cheapest int he stores are 9.00 and the brand I buy up to 12.00, so finding them for 3.00 per item was awesome, I bought 8 of them.  yes I paid 24.00 for something i normally pay 70.97 for...great bargain!!

I love spring!!! I love thrifting and I love garbage sales...have a great one...dinner is ready..yummy!