Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Time out Tuesday...

So how will you spend your down time for the day??

Have you missed me? I havent been blogging much the past week or so.  I just didn't have much to say IMAGINE that LOL!!  I did have a wonderful time out Tuesday last Tuesday, I spent the afternoon in the swing outside in the sun, with the kitty on my lap and we just relaxed...I petted him, he purred and we were just swinging in the sun. 

There is lots going on, some I will share later.  My darling husband is nearing the end of his schooling, he has only seven weeks until he graduates, and only 5 weeks till he takes his board exams.  AWESOME!! Been a long year, but in ways it was a short year too. 

My sweet boy is home, I know he enjoyed his week at his grandma's house but I missed him dreadfully, and so did the dogs...and then I freaked the dogs out, by taking his bed out of his room (he got a new bigger bed) they were major freaked about it all.  They just wandered around looking for the bed and I finally connected that after John died, we had taken down his bed.  I hope they were not traumatized thinking their boy had left forever, like John did. 

No major plans for the rest of the week, JUST have to take the truck to see about getting some work done on it.  Otherwise that is all. 
I hope your taking a time out today just for you, please share how you will spend some quiet time today..