Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cooler Weather.....

Today is October the 30th, we are moving into cooler weather, the air is turned off, and the window cracked at night for that crisp cool fall air (although it has been down into the 30's a few nights this week).  That means warm foods, like soups, stews, baked potatoes topped with chili, chili, all good foods!! And easy to make big batches and keep on hand.  But even if you dont make a big batch or have minimal left overs, dont toss out that small bowl of chili or soup, it doesnt take much to top a baked potato.  And you have created an easy meal.  And easy is good when you stay super busy.  Easy meals make it easier to be frugal.
So today share your favorite baked potato topping.  What do you like to top your baked potato with that takes it to a easy meal versus being a side dish?