Monday, October 18, 2010

Easy fast meals to keep you from eating out...

What do you keep in your pantry, or your fridge that is fast, easy and appetizing enough to keep you from eating out?? One of the things I keep is canned chili.  Now not all canned chili is created equal, some are nasty, but once I found a brand I like, I watch for it to go on sale and then I buy several cans.  Ways we use said chili, to create fast meals, is to bake a potato and top with chili (my favorite way) Or we fry french fries and top with chili.  Or there is frito chili pie ( or dorito chili pie) and of course you can just have a bowl of chili.  During the summer we dont eat that much chili though, and other ways we keep from going out to eat, is of course sandwiches, but after a while plain old sandwiches get boring.  I also keep some frozen (white meat) chicken strips on hand, for quick meals.  Another thing I am pretty prone to doing is popping meat into my crock pot while it is still frozen.  Doesnt seem to affect how it cooks up, and it just takes a bit longer, instead of all day on low, it usually on high all day.  So share some tips of what you keep in your pantry to make eating out temptations disappear.

Note: this is not to say we never eat out, because we do, more than we need to probably.