Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some tips

I sometimes feel like I share the same tips or same types of tips over and over, but maybe someone new is reading....

We stay way too busy and eat lots of sandwiches, one way I have found to save is to buy a five pound boneless ham and have it shaved.  Our local grocery has a five pound boneless ham for 7.98 for the whole ham that isnt per pound, so I get it shaved and freeze part of it, it is a huge saver. 

Also with turkeys so cheap for the holidays I bought and cooked a nearly 11 pound turkey and deboned it just for sandwiches, we love turkey sandwiches.  I froze part of it too, I also boiled the carcass again to make a nice rich stock for turkey and noodles a favorite at our house.

Share some of your favorite money saving tips on groceries.