Monday, November 29, 2010

What did you do???

with your leftovers from Thanksgiving? Did you eat on them for a day and then throw them out because you were sick of them??  Repurpose Repurpose Repurpose.   Take those left overs and make them look like something new.  Turkey enchiladas, YUM!!  How about turkey and noodles? That is where my turkey went.  My mother in law saved the ham bone with its bits of meat on it, and I put it in a big pot of ham soup.  We use mixed vegetables and the ham bone and add water and simmer all day for a rich broth (I simmer in my crock pot) This soup has no tomatoes in it and is delicious. 
How about ham and potatoes or ham and pasta and cheese? 
Don't waste your food, repurpose it.  Share some of your ways you use up those holiday leftovers.