Sunday, February 06, 2011

An Odd Sunday for us...

No Sunday night service, the weather was forecasted to be bad, starting in the afternoon. So the board decided better safe than sorry. So since we had no Sunday night services, I took advantage of that and had Dave help me move furniture in my bedroom. When we came home from my sil's on Thursday I brought home a wingback recliner that she gave me (I have wanted one for a long time) but I need to re-arrange my furniture in my room to make it all work...and I love how it all turned out...I also moved the pictures around too and really like a new grouping I did, my batteries are dead on my camera so will have to take a pick later and show ya'll....

About the new chair, my room is ummm beiges and the chair is wine colored so I may try my hand at making a slip cover for it...we will see. as I look around I do have some wine colored accents so it does not clash. And I am so cold natured it mainly stays covered with my fuzzy I guess it dont matter...LOL

I am soooo happy to be home. Jarrod is doing well, however I can tell he isnt 100%, sleeping and resting lots..and he lost a lot of weight and he didnt have any extra to loose, he was already he is bony...But he will gain it all back I am sure.

Was also great to be in church with my church family this morning!!! Love those folks! They are great people.

So there ya go, a catch up post on me and mine!