Monday, October 24, 2011

10 Things I am...

sooo I did a 10 Things I am I thought I would do 10 things I am...

1.  Since my first I am not was about religion, I will do my first I am, the same way...
I AM a Christian, with my beliefs being Pentecostal (Assembly of God, Pentecostal Church of God background)

2.  I am a reader, I had rather read a book than watch any movie or tv show.

3.  I am an animal lover, I do not feel like my life is completely full unless I have pets.

4.  I am Happily married, for nearly 26 years. (anniversary is in a couple of weeks)

5.   I am a computer nut, I love my computer.

6.  I  am a clothes hoarder, I have clothes everywhere, in the closets, under the bed, in the dresser...umm and usually in the dryer too..ROFL I love clothes (and shoes)

7.  I am interested in gardening, canning, and all the things I hated as a kid.  ROFL

8.  I am a collector of sewing machines, most people have one, maybe two, I have more than that...and will nearly always buy another machine at a yard sale when I find great deals.

9.  I am a cousin to LOTS of folks.... I have 31 first cousins, and 84 cousins in law (spouses to cousins) and 2nd cousins (children to cousins) and I have NO clue how many 3rd cousins (children to cousin's children... ROFL  this is both sides of my family, my daddy is the oldest of 10 and mom is next to youngest of 7.  I didn't even try to count the cousins by marriage on Dave's side. OHHH plus I have several half cousins, (my dad has 4 half brothers and sisters) and I have several umm cousins who are children of great aunts and uncles...OHHH yeah I am a COUSIN....ROFL

10.  I am a country girl and will always be...the city makes me crazy...LOL