Thursday, January 19, 2012

5 Places to Get Clothes for Your Child (guest blogger)

5 Places to Get Clothes for Your Child on the Cheap

You want to outfit your child in quality clothing, but you don’t want to go broke doing it. Children grow out of their clothes so quickly that half the time they don’t even have an opportunity to get stained or ripped. You have mounds of outgrown clothing lying around and you need something new for your kid to wear. But where do you go? Is there somewhere where you can get rid of their old clothing and get new stuff? Is there a way to dress your child well without draining your pocketbook?  There is, and here are five places to start looking.

1.      Consignment shops – Like a department store, but much more affordable. The clothes are slightly used and sorted by size. No excavating required. Bring in your own children’s lightly used clothing if they have room available and you might even make a few bucks.

2.      Discount stores – Stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls offer great bargains- when you can get them. They are not stores to go looking for particulars. If you’re open to new ideas and a shrewd shopper, they can have worthy bargains on current styles. Shoes are particularly hard to buy without trying them on, so having the capability to do so is a great gain over online retailers.

3.      Clearance racks – Every department store has clearance racks. If you buy summer clothes in the fall and winter clothes in the spring you’ll be assured to find miraculous deals of up to 90 percent off. Just buy a couple sizes larger; your kids will undoubtedly fit it by the time the correct season rolls back around. If that’s not your thing, still keep your eyes open. Sometimes the retailers order too much or need to make room. Sales are almost always offered.

4.      Goodwill – Like a consignment shop, a Goodwill center will have the clothes all orginized by size for you. However, they take clothes in any state, so be prepared to see a lot of stains. That doesn’t make the clothes impractical. A quick scrub and wash-down and some are as good as new. Look for quality and you’ll be sure to find a few gems in the rough. Since the attire is donated, the prices are very low.

5.      Garage sales – Especially in well-to-do neighborhoods a garage sale can be a gold mine. Unworn shoes, clothes with the tags still on them, and jackets worn once are all to be found at garage sales. Early morning customers get the best stuff, so keep on the alert if you want to find a bargain. You might even be able to barter down the prices if you purchase a lot.

Those are just five of the places you can get new clothing for your child without breaking the bank. There are many, many more, but these will get you underway. Check out a few and see what you come across. You’ll be astounded at the deals you’ll find. Happy hunting!

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