Thursday, January 05, 2012

Thrifting Fun!!!

Well today was fun doing some thrifting, also did a bit yesterday.  In my new town where I have moved, Wednesday is customer appreciation day at Salvation Army and everything in the store is half price.  SOOOOO my vacuum cleaner is making a horrendous noise and it needs a new filter (20.00 bucks at the wal store) So I head to Sally Ann's (that is what we call it LOL) on the hunt, and I find a vacuum with a new filter in it, and lots of suction for 15.00, half price makes it 7.50 cheaper than the new filter...score!! Today I headed out to the bank and went to the GW where I found a pair of jeans and a top for 8.50 total and then off to a new store I found, the store wasnt new, but I didnt know it was there, and there I found 2 very nice pairs of slacks from Lane Bryant and gorgeous sweater from Dress Barn, those were each 3.50 so another 10.50, for some very nice dressy clothes I can wear out or to church. 

I love thrifting....feel free to leave a comment and share your thrifty finds!!