Sunday, January 08, 2012

Christmas is packed away...

so so sad...I love my Christmas things.  However they must be packed away, PLUS a huge plus here, I went thru and sorted my ornaments and all the ornaments that were bought just as fill ins (since I had two trees) and have no sentimental value or attachement for me are going to the thrift store ALONG with the extra tree. YES I am culling it down.  WOW this is major for me.  MAJOR, because I love my Christmas decorations, I still have tubs of stuff in the other storage unit that need to be sorted.  OHH my I am a packrat for sure. 

I have my new "gift" box going, starting to collect wonderful goodies for my family for next year.  I enjoy this so much. 

So a thrift store run is in order this week, watch for some bargain shopping.  I got some great great deals last week,  2 new pairs of jeans (one still had the tags on them from Catherines a 44.00 pair of jeans) 2 new pairs of slacks and 2 shirts all for less than 25.00 (23.50 actually) so I am happy happy about that, wore one pair of jeans tonight to church and a pair of slacks this morning to church.  Go ME!!!