Monday, January 21, 2013

Frugality Effects?

So I have been reading frugal blogs, and I love seeing what people post about doing to save money, but I have seen several people comment about cutting their own hair or their husband's hair and this of course made me think.
We all love saving money, but as the wife of a barber, people cutting their own hair affects a barber's pay.  Let me put it this way, today I read of fifty frugal posts in those posts I think I seen about 10 haircuts given at home.  That means that was 10 haircuts a barber(s) somewhere did not do.  So just for the sake of common sense let's say that 4 of those haircuts came to my husband's shop before they started doing it at home, so basically that means for this week, he has lost 4 haircuts, so if your own husband works a job say making 15.00 per hour, that would be the same as loosing 3 hrs of pay even though he was at work he lost those three hours. Now lets break it down more, say your husband works in a business that has clients or customers too, so if he lost 3 or 4 clients a week, that would affect his job, and the economy of his company.  That would greatly affect your budget.
 So your wondering why I posted this...I just wanted to post that sometimes it pays to pay.  Yes saving money is wonderful and great, but we also need to see a bigger picture than our immediate pocket book, if our saving money puts others out of business or affects the businesses of others then we affect the local economy, which in turn affects other things we deal with, such as taxes, road conditions (because of loss of taxes) schools, (same reason, loss of taxes)and much more.  Now your probably thinking all this is because I save money cutting my husband or relatives hair, that is a bit far fetched.   Perhaps it is far fetched, but all that we do, affects others around us, and we have to decide whether our savings is detrimental to others.  Have you ever heard the phrase that  you have to spend money to make money.  This can be true, you have to spend money to keep money flowing locally.   Just some thoughts.....would love to hear your comments..

I just want to add, that I totally understand not being able to afford to pay for a professional haircut.  Totally understand.