Monday, January 07, 2013

Meatless Meals...

So groceries keep going up and up, and lots of people are cutting their budget by going with more meatless meals.  So I thought I would post a few ideas....These are not vegetarian meals but could probably be adapted to be so.  Some will be full meal ideas, some will be just main dish ideas. 

Eggplant parmesian with a salad and french bread
Spaghetti with red sauce no meat (if you absolutely have to have meat, try cutting down to about a third pound of meat, it wont be much but will provide the flavoring you desire) with a salad and french bread
Beans and potatoes.  Pinto beans with fried potatoes and fried okra is a favorite meal here, served with cornbread.
A early summer favorite here is fresh green beans cooked with small potatoes.
Creamy brocolli soup
Creamy potato soup
Vegetable soup
Meatless chili or chili beans
A favorite for my inlaws was yellow squash cooked with whole tomatoes or a can of rotel
Cheese enchiladas (however cheese is as expensive as meat)
Rice and beans (cajun style)
Lentils can be used many ways personally I do not care for them
What are some of your favorite meatless meals?