Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Saving more with Cooking...

It is common knowledge that groceries has gone up..and for some reason most people's wages have not gone up.  So how can you save money in the kitchen, without sacrificing your health?

Learn what foods are inexpensive, but filling and healthy.

Lets start with beans....

Pinto beans with cornbread are healthy and filling.  Protein packed.

But your saying beans get old fast...many people get tired of beans fast.  How about this...swap the variety of beans your using.
Pinto beans
Great Northern Beans
Navy Beans
Kidney Beans
Cranberry Beans ( similar to pintos a bit smaller)
Black Beans
Pork n beans
Boston beans
Ranch style beans
Butter beans (*gags*)
White Kidney beans (cannelli)
Garbonza beans

So how can you use these beans?  First of all it is cheaper to use dried beans (you can even buy dry beans and home can them, to have them on hand for faster meals)
First of all don't forget that many stores sells bean combos that are great for soups and chilis.
Pinto beans can be seasoned with cajun seasonings and add a bit of sausage and served over rice for red beans and rice (kidney beans also can be used like this) also mash them up for refried beans..and make burritos with them.
Great Northern Beans and Navy beans are delicious cooked with a bit of ham and eaten as a main dish
Cranberry beans, use these just like you would pinto beans
Black beans, add taco seasoning and eat in place of meat on nachos..YUMMY!!
Pork n beans make great baked beans, also a favorite dish here is to take about 3 cans of pork and beans and add about a quarter to half a pound of ground beef (browned and drained) and bbq sauce to taste.
Boston beans are great for baked beans also
Ranch style beans, at our house we use these as a side dish, but also use them in a main dish called cowboy casserole (google it, the recipe is online in many places)
I dont eat butter beans so no ideas there *shudders*
White kidney beans can make a awesome white chili with these and northern beans with cumin an add a bit of chicken (I use about one boneless breast)
Garbonza beans can be seasoned and mashed up to make hummus, which is great on pita chips.

The internet is a great source for finding recipes, so to your google search and search for bean recipes...
here are just a few I found with one google search, all of these recipes are available at
Quinoa and Black Beans, Refried Beans, Mexican Bean Salad, Black Bean Vegetable Soup.

At there are over 4000 recipes for beans and they break them down by the type of beans.

So happy bean cooking, and don't forget the Bean-o ROFL