Monday, January 14, 2013

More meatless meals (or very little meat)

so a trip to the grocery store today held very little meat on sale, boneless skinless chicken breasts I bought two packages so I am thinking of more meatless meals and ways to stretch the meat..

Soups are a great way to go meatless, or very little meat.
Vegetable soup
potato soup (a small bit of bacon or ham, or using a ham bullion base, can add lots of flavor to this meal)
Bean soup
Dumplings are great fillers use them in chicken and dumplings add extra dumplings and use less chicken, use a good rich chicken broth to make up for less meat.
Also use dumplings in chinese soups

Another meal that you can make that uses little meat...
I scramble up two sausage patties, add scrambled eggs (just a couple) mix with cooked rice, top with a bit of cheese and salsa, yummy dish
I also do this with left over meat (like a pork chop or peice of chicken), adding mixed veggies to the rice mixture, putting in some soy sauce to season.

Something else we have eaten alot is baked potatoes topped with bean chili and cheese
also baked potatoes topped with broccoli and cheese
baked potatoes topped with baked beans and coleslaw are delicious also.
Dont forget pasta
Macaroni and cheese
Pasta salad (add a bit of cheese or meat to make this a main dish)
Pasta and sauce with no meat or minimal meat if you cannot go completely meatless
Try this,, large slices of zuchinni breaded and fried, then prepare spaghetti and sauce and put the slices of zuchinii on your spaghetti top with sauce and cheese for zuchinni parmesian.
Zuchinni can be cubed and added to sauce and put in lasagna for a vegetable lasagna
Cheese pizza (make your own crust)
Vegetable pizza, peppers, onions, olives, mushrooms.
spinach pizza

I hope these give you ideas, would love to have you leave your ideas in the comment section.