Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Frugal Gift Giving Reposted

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Frugal gift giving...

WOW what a subject...ROFL. Lets chat about how you save in your gift giving. I will start out with this, I have a gift drawer, during the year I buy gifts on clearance and in the drawer they go, I also watch yard sales and buy NEW gift (always with tags on them) and in the drawer they go. This year in my Sunday school class that I teach I have 3 teenage girls and I was able to go to my gift drawer and find them nice gifts without running out to a store and buy them something full price, then into my card box I went for a birthday card (I also watch for cards at yard sales, I once lucked out and found a gift back full of cards for 1.00, I have been using cards out of that for the past 3 or 4 years) So, you dont have a gift drawer, here are some ways to save on gift giving. IF you do any online shopping make sure you are signed up with mypoints (www.mypoints.com) so that you can earn points toward free things, (I was able to get some gift cards that will be used as Christmas pressys) Also there are some survey companies who give amazon gift certificates for payment. Last year I bought my husband 5 videos using those. Do not underestimate the power of homemade gifts. Whether it is crocheting/knitting or making baked goods. I have heard lots of talk of a great gift being a pie of the month coupons. This gift would work for friends or relatives who live nearby. I made homemade salsa, it will be combined with some chips for a inexpensive gift for grown neices and nephews. Youngers will be receiving crocheted gifts. Another awesome gift that I recieved this year was so wonderful homemade, stamped and "scrapped" note cards. These were gorgeous and they did look easy to make. Ohh and bookmarks too. Also do not forget your dollar stores (one dollar stores too) some very nice gifts can be found there and combined with other things to make a great gift. One last thing, we all know people who need nothing, perhaps a charitable donation in their name would be a wonderful gift, lots of charities will send a card saying that so and so made a gift donation. Please share some of your savings for gift giving.