Monday, December 08, 2014

Holiday Ideas Revisited

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas time is coming...

Are you ready?  Are you shopped out already?  I am pretty much finished with the exception of our parents.  Still pondering on that one.  They really dont need anything and so it is hard to buy for them. 
Are you a homemade gift person? I love to make gifts for my family, well family that appreciates them.  Years have shown that not everyone appreciates a homemade gift.  So I have learned who does and who doesnt and make sure to make accordingly. 
Some homemade gift ideas from my squirrelly brain...

Monogramming (machine or hand embroderied) fleece blankets to make them a bit more special
Ruffled scarves for young ladies
Personalized ornaments for young families
Homemade cookies and baked goods for those family members who dont cook
A personalized organizer
A personalized date book
One that I received and loved was a personalized calendar that had pictures of my family on each month (I think you can buy them at craft stores)

Please share some of your homemade gift ideas.