Thursday, December 18, 2014

Simplify Tips for 2014

Holidays are stressful, they are sometimes depressing for those who don't have close family. And sometimes even depressing for those who do have close family.

One of my most helpful thoughts about the holidays is SIMPLIFY.

Your family will not suffer if you don't have 21 dishes of yumminess for them. Decide what your favorite 4 or 5 things are, and do that.

The deli is your friend, whether it is letting them cater your meal or make your desserts, you do not have to cook everything, there is NO law anywhere that says you do.

Your crockpot is another of your friends, you can cook ham and turkey in a crockpot (turkey breast) and them turn out wonderful. Veggies can be cooked in smaller crockpots. Dressing can even be cooked in a crockpot.  USE it, you have it!!

Now I love my Christmas decorations, all 5 of my trees (two are just little pre-lit, undecorated silver and pink trees) and I love all my nativities so I am one who wants to decorate big time.  This year I chunked it up, on Monday of the decorating week, I decorated the big tree and put out my nativities, nothing on Tuesday on Wednesday I decorated the tree in the family room, it is a small tree that we do in rustic ornaments, lots of rustic ornaments, I also put out the miscellaneous knick knacks. Thursday nothing. On Friday evening I decorated the red, white and blue tree in the sun room. Now all of these trees were put together and set up on Monday morning by my darling husband before he put up the outdoor lights. Because I love my decorations and want them out, I SIMPLIFIED   by breaking it into a week of decorating, with rest days in between the work days. I didn't get stressed out. I still need to get the table decorated but it is covered with book launch stuff at the moment. ROFL. I will be mailing packages tomorrow. LOL.

Simplification doesn't mean your not celebrating, it means you have stepped back and examined what is important to you. Always remember we are celebrating the birth of our Savior.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!