Friday, December 05, 2014

Some new holiday posts...2014

So I was thinking about this, I have been writing on this blog since 2005ish maybe earlier considering I moved from xanga to here.

My life has changed since then. Then, I had two young boys just heading into fixing to head into teen years, and our job and finances were different. Then it was all about stretching those dollars till they squeaked, and while I will always be thrifty, it is just who I am. But now I am often more about saving time than money, because I have realized as a work at home author, and PR gal, my time is money.  So here are some tips relevant to this stage of my life.

* I have been trying to master making pie crust my entire married life (29 years) guess what I finally did it. But there is a catch, I can now make flaky tender pie crust using Jiffy Pie Crust mix. Yep a mix. I mix it up and roll it out, and it is tender and flaky and not as tough as shoe leather. And they are not very expensive either.

* Watch how your mom or mil makes things. As they get older it may fall on you to continue certain cooking traditions. My son loves dressing, I don't remember my mom ever making dressing when we were kids, she makes it now, but not when we were kids while I was learning to cook, but my mother in law makes awesome dressing, but due to health, just doesn't cook much anymore. I watched her make dressing a bunch, and now I can make a very yummy dressing that my family loves. I added my own twists making things a bit easier on me, but my son and husband love it.

*Understand that life changes as you grow older, and as your parents age. Sometimes those traditions may have to be adjusted. Roll with the punches.

Thanks for stopping by, check back next week for some more new tips and hints.