Sunday, August 27, 2006

what I got today in preparation..

ok, did a shop today...spent deoderant for dave that wasnt part of the stock up though 12 packs of ramen, 6 boxes of mac and cheese a pound of turkey lunch meat, a 6 pack double rolls scott super soft toliet tissue, 4 cans of pringles, a bottle of palmolive dishwashing stuff...(ohh and dave threw some batteries and a calculater in the buggy too)

sooo thanks for tip from dragonsinger about pasta, I need a package of spaghetti, I have other pasta and LOTS of rice, we dont eat alot of pasta anymore, but will get some to have on hand...also will watch for a turkey..that is alot of meat that could go a long ways...

I think that I will be able do this, with all the stuff I have on hand and the 20.00 a goal is to use as