Thursday, September 07, 2006

Last night and today...

Ok, for those who dont know me, I have changed my lifestyle of how I eat, and I have lost alot of weight...that being said I need to share about last night, I tend to be a stress eater, if I am stressed I wanna eat..well I was stressed last night, Dave got rear-ended on the way home from work, I wanted to throw it all up and order a burger from sonic, now that would have been bad, cause first I had already eaten supper, I didnt NEED it, and secondly I have already spent my 20.00 this week...OHHH I wanted that burger...BAD....I have money in the bank, but it is not money to be spent..I struggled but good sense prevailed LOL...going to bed earlier than usual helped.

Today we are dealing with insurance stuff...ohh joy NOT...
breakfast was cereal for the boys, and I had eggs and toast.

Lunch will be a sandwich probably Dinner is going to be a casserole one I have sorta made up as a spin off of a tater tot casserole. We shall see how it turns out..
I will post the recipe later..

No plans to go anywhere, no need to spend money..