Friday, October 05, 2007

Some more thoughts and maybe even a few tips...

You ever feel like your own words chase you down and smack you around, all the while laughing in your face. Well yesterday afternoon that was happening to me. Earlier in the day, I had posted on a message board that I frequent, "that a soft answer turneth away wrath" and lo and behold a situation raised it's head to see how soft my answers would be. (QUIT laughing LOL) I thank the Lord for the edit button and the back space bar on my keyboard. I would find myself quickly dashing off a reply that was harsh, and then I would re-read it and backspace and clear it all up, was truly glad it wasnt a situation where the words were tumbling out of my mouth, to never be retrieved. I do believe there is a time in a leader's life for firmness, and I was being firm, but I was also being harsh. I don't like being harsh.
Okies that is all out of my for some tips.

Tipping cows is not nice. LOL just kidding!!! Ok I will behave. So now my mind is blank, thinking, thinking, thinking...........

One way I cut down on my grocery bill, is by buying. Buying on sale and stocking up, one thing I watch for is split fryer breast. They run them on sale here quite frequently for .89/lb and sometimes even .79/lb, when they are on sale I grab up several large packages for the freezer. I cut them off the bone, not close though I leave a bit of meat on the bone, then I boil the bones and pick off the left over meat and store it and the broth for a casserole, by the time I am finished with those bones it looks like a buzzard went after them. LOL

I enjoy reading about saving money. A great place to read is This is the Dollar Stretcher and there is tons of information there to help me out. My favorite book is The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn. There is tons of information, and recipes I use there alot. Head to your library or do some internet searching and you will find more out about her books.

Time to get some ideas together for dinner. Have a great weekend!!